Dear Mr. Christie.  Quit ripping me off.
The old Triscuit Box next to the new Triscuit box. Notice the box is the same size, but contents have been downsized again by more than 10%. Peter Roperty

Dear Mr. Christie. Quit ripping me off.

Triscuit crackers (plain or low-sodium) used to be a staple in my household, but no more.  These basic crunchy squares were baked and not fried.  Lower in sodium than most other crackers.  Had a short and understandable ingredient list.  And above all, were fairly economical in getting three 250g boxes for $5.  But then something went terribly wrong.  All sorts of new flavours came out with added sodium, sugar and other additives.  Like them or not, a few years back, the box was down-sized from 250g to 225g - a 10% reduction.  And the price started to drift up.  I reduced the amount I bought as I almost always do when value decreases. 

Fast-forward to 2018.  The box has been downsized again!  Now 200g instead of 225g - another 10+% reduction in the amount you get in a box. 

Has the regular price of a box gone down?  No, in fact it has gone up - adding insult to injury.

Now, many of us are used to getting screwed by corporations, but even if you want to factor in CPI inflation for the past 3 years - which incidently has been running at less than 1.5%, a price increase of this proportion is ludicrous.



Triscuit Crackers downsized yet again - from 225g to 200g per box.  And the price increased!

All this aside, there is one more thing that is incredibly bothersome about the Triscuit downsizing.  Take a look at the picture of the old box and the new box side by side.  

Image description


I have a problem with this as it is VERY misleading to consumers.  Unless you are reading the box, you aren't even going to notice that the package contains fewer crackers - because the BOX IS THE SAME SIZE.

The second problem with this is THE BOX SIZE.  If 250g of crackers fit in a box of this size, and you downsize the box to 225g and keep the BOX THE SAME SIZE, and if you downsize the amount of crackers again to 200g and the BOX IS THE SAME SIZE, then, well, we must conclude that there is excess packaging for this item.  And how much extra energy is spent carting around big boxes that aren't filled to capacity?

Wheres the government watchdog or consumer protection agency in all this?

If you want to get the worst deal possible on Triscuits, you can go to Costco where they have 4 of the old style 250g boxes for a mere $15.  I try and get a pic next time I'm there.

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