The Car With The Longest Range

The Car With The Longest Range

What car (generally available) has the best range i.e. what vehicle can go the furthest on a single fill-up?  The answer will probably surprise you.  It's the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid.

Filling up the 60L (15.8 U.S. gallon) tank with gasoline on the Accord Hybrid will take you an incredible 1220 km (758 miles).

Filling up the 60 litre (15.8 U.s. gallon) tank with gasoline will take you an incredible 1220 km (758 miles).  This is as calculated from "The official U.S. government source" for fuel economy information:

What is also surprising about all of this - is that this is not a small car, but a mid-sized model with over 200 (combined ) horse power.

This feat is accomplished by having a light-weight body, a hybrid system, a small battery pack, an extremely efficient engine, and a drive system that doesn't even have a transmission.  And it drives just like a regular car - switching from electric mode to gas-engine mode seamlessly.

How does a car like this help a Strained World?  Well by being so efficient, you save time, money, and The Earth:

You save time by not having to drive to or wait in line at a gas station.  Typical refuelling times at a gas station are about 5 minutes on average, but the time spent waiting in line can vary dramatically.  Picture yourself going to the Costco gas pump on the Friday of a long weekend in summer...  And if you're filling up regularly, the time spent can really add up! 

The Honda Accord Hybrid will typically save about $500-1000 per year when compared to a car OF SIMILAR SIZE.  And every time the price of gas goes up, you save even more.  Obviously when compared to v8 pick-up trucks, this savings becomes very large.

And you'll help save the earth too.  By burning far less fuel to get around, you'll help with the drive to reduce Global Warming.

There are also psychological advantages to having a long range car.  Do you drive long distances through the night where you don't know if you'll find a station that's open?  Do you want to stop in downtown Detroit at 2 a.m because you're almost out of gas?  Stuck on the freeway in a traffic jam with your tank almost empty?

And as a comparison, how far does the longest-range Tesla go on a single charge?  At time of writing, it had a range (in ideal conditions) of about 550 km (335 miles),  which is less than half that of the Accord Hybrid.

And how long does it take to charge the Tesla fully?  Well if you have the highest powered charging connection, it will take about 1/2 hour.

There are a lot of good sites with detailed information about the Honda Accord Hybrid such as this one here.






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