New Compac Post Hole Digger PHD Pricing

New Compac Post Hole Digger PHD Pricing

If you're looking for a one-man (or one-person) post hole auger, you've probably come across the Compac PHD.

The Compac PHD website can be found here - though the site looks it was built about 20 years ago (e-commerce anyone)? 

Pricing information for a new PHD seems a bit hard to come by for some reason - and who wants to spend their precious time talking to a salesperson? 

The Compac PHD Price as quoted today was:  $5200 CDN or about $3900 USD.  That includes the unit.  If you want a drill bit to go with it, add another $500 CDN (10").

So in total the unit with a drill bit sells new for $5700 CDN or about $4200 USD (as at 2019).

Dealers may sell for less.  Used equipment dealers for less.  And private sellers for even less...