Shrimp weight comparison with and without shells

Shrimp weight comparison with and without shells

What Percentage of a shrimp's weight is meat?

To test this out, I purchased a 500g (approx 1.2 lbs) of size 16-20 headless, zipperback, frozen shrimp.  

After thawing them out, I weighed them:  492 grams.

I then peeled them and weighed them again:  406 grams.

Doing the math 406/492= 82.5% meat.  So, almost 20% of the weight is waste.

This calculation becomes useful when comparing peeled shrimp vs non-peeled shrimp.

If you see 16/20 peeled shrimp for $7/lb and unpeeled for $5/lb, it's now easy to calculate which is the better deal - most meat for the money:

7$ x .825 = 5.78/lb - so if you don't mind the work, unpeeled in the above example is the better deal.  

It would be interesting to see if the meat yield changes based on the size of the shrimp.  For example, does shrimp size 31/40 still yield 82.5% meat?  Stay tuned.