Costco Cinnamon Contains a Toxic Substance
Empty bottle of Costco Saigon Cinnamon

Costco Cinnamon Contains a Toxic Substance

I watch out for potential health issues when I’m buying food. Suffice to say I have researched almost everything that my family consumes - at one point or another.

And part of the reason for the research of course is to try to increase the amount of a healthy food we eat.

But every once in a while I am surprised by something "I’ve missed" in all my research.

In this case I am talking about cinnamon. Cinnamon contains a lot of health benefits. It’s packed with antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, etc.

I try to put it on my childrens' apples, in their porridge, on frothed coffee, and sometimes even just take a sprinkle and lick it off the back of my hand.

I was craving some Indian food so I went looking for a recipe online. After finding one that I liked, I started to read it, and the recipe warned that I should use “true cinnamon” and not “cassia” which was toxic. WTF?

With all the "healthful" cinnamon we've been eating, this raised a big red flag...

After some research and after a bit of digging, I was surprised to find out that cinnamon contains a compound called coumarin that studies have shown may be damaging to your liver. 

There are 4 main types of cinnamon depending on whom you ask: Chinese (Cassia), Vietnamese (Saigon), Indonesian, and Ceylon (true cinnamon). All contain coumarin...

But some varieties contain a lot (Saigon) and some contain almost none (Ceylon).

Of course, the cheaper cinnamons contain the highest level of coumarin.

And Costco? The cinnamon I bought at Costco recently is.... Saigon – which as per reference above CONTAINS THE HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF THE TOXIN COUMARIN OF ALL THE MAJOR CINNAMON TYPES.

What is the price of Costco Cinnamon (at time of writing September 2019)?

What might we expect to pay for True cinnamon (with negligible amounts of coumarin - as per above reference)?

To make the comparison fair, you would need 2 of the true cinnamon to equal the same weight as the Costco cinnamon.

Ergo the comparison for Saigon vs Ceylon is $3.99 to $14.58 CAD.  So the true cinnamon (this seems to be a typcial example) is 3.7x more expensive.

It's your health.