Bulk Wheat Berries For Sale In Canada

Bulk Wheat Berries For Sale In Canada

You've decided to live a more healthful life.  One of the articles you've read says you should eat more whole grains. 

You look into flours and start to learn that most of the goodness is refined out of them.  You read up on making your own flour.  You also find out that grains that aren't "ground up" will last indefinitely.

You also read that buying plain-ole grain is dirt cheap.  You have a Vitamix or grinding attachment for your Mixer.  This shouldn't be too hard now to get a bag of grain right?  Wrong.  You'd think it would be everywhere, but it ain't.

If you have connections to a local farmer, you might start there to ask about buying grain.  If not, here are a few places in Canada that you can buy Wheat berries (the whole unprocessed grain of wheat) and other grains in bulk.  Cheap?  Well...


1)  K2Milling in Beeton, Ontario.  Customer service is very poor.  Don't expect anyone to answer the phone.  Website is poor.  No pricing information.

If you're looking for inexpensive bulk grains, this is NOT the place to go.  They charge 65$ for a 25 kg bag - regardless of the variety.

They do however, carry Red Fife wheat berries - which by many counts are hard to come by - especially in bulk.

2)  Grain Processing Enterprises in Toronto (Scarborough).  Answer their phone right away.  Website doesn't exist - why don't businesses in Canada get that this is important?  No pricing information - for some reason they make you call and ask each question.

From a phone call - prices quoted below on Sep 2019 - so you can get an idea of what the "going rate" is: 

Hard Wheat Kernels

10kg $10.60

25kg $21.90

Red Fife - no stock, and haven't had for >1 year.


Organic Hard Wheat Kernels: 

10kg $19.70

25kg $45


Organic Sesame Seeds

5kg $33.80

10kg 65$



1)  Grainworks


1)  Grain Millers Canada Corp in Yorkton - may not have wheat berries, but is best known for it's bulk organic oats.







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