Goodbye Habitant Pea Soup

Goodbye Habitant Pea Soup

It's been a tradition for decades.  Fall comes, the weather in the northern hemisphere turns cold.  We like to have a quick an easy lunch item around.  For decades we've turned to Habitant Pea Soup.

And there's always been the game of buying it.  You walk into the store and see the "regular" price is somewhere between 2 and 3 dollars a can.  But we all know that it will go on sale a few times a year for about 88 cents.  Or 5 for 5 dollars.

We look forward to the goodness in it - a thick broth of chick peas/garbanzos - that's got to be good for you right?  Veggie Protein and lots of it...

We tend to overlook the fact that it's kinda high in sodium.  And how many fights have we had over who get's the nondescript "blob" of meat - pork fat (?).

A few weeks ago, I found the traditional sale of Habitant Pea soup and forked over the usual $1 per can (the max I'll pay for it).  I tucked it into the pantry and a couple of days ago, opened a can for lunch on a snowy day.

I was greeted with a can of dribbling slop that gushed it's way into the Corelleware for it's usual trip to the nuker.

What happened to that thick blob of slowly-moving delight?

A defective can - or so my brain registered.  I choked it down anyway and waited for that glorious moment where I found "the blob" (see above).  And.  IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.  Instead I found a few tiny snippings of pinkish meat. Blah.

I reflected on my disappointment later that day - thinking my blessed defective can of Habitant Pea Soup had started to look like the dreaded can of crap that I ate in the 90's that was served up by the Campbell Soup Company.  

No worries, the next can shouldn't be defective...

A few days later, the history above repeated itself.  What are the chances of 2 bad cans I thought?

I did some digging.  It turns out that the Habitant Pea Soup Company was taken over by the Campbell Soup Company, and your sacred pea soup has now been Campbellized.  What a sad day. Habitant Pea Soup is also now made in the USA.  Yay. 

So now, if you're looking for a good pea soup, forget about the Quebec-Canadian Habitant - it now sucks.  Search the internet for a recipe that will satisfy that good ole thick soup desire you've had for years and make it yourself - forget that another once-great product has become a victim of the corporation.