Joke - Kapuskasing and Lady Diana's Visit

Joke - Kapuskasing and Lady Diana's Visit

A number of years ago, Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles.

Subsequently, they decided to go to Canada for a visit.  Lady Diana was just getting used to the idiosyncracies of royal visits.

She learned that she'd be attending a parade in Kapuskasing (Ontario, Canada) that July.

Lady Diana wasn't familiar with Kapuskasing and didn't know what to wear.  She decided to call the queen mummy for some advice.

Now eventhough Canada is very cold in winter, many parts of it are very warm in the summer.

Diana arrived for the parade wearing a decidedly British fox hat.

It was almost 30C (90F degrees) that day, and as she made her way along the parade route she was sweating buckets.  

One of her aides comes up to her and says:  "Ms. Diana.  It's so hot.  Why wear such a warm fur hat"?

Lady Diana  replies:  "The queen mummy recommended it!  I called her up before I came here.  I said I'm going to Kapuskasing for a parade and what should I wear?".

The queen mommy replied:  "Kapuskasing?  Where the focks 'at?"





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