One Cause of Sudden Onset Dementia or Mental Fog

One Cause of Sudden Onset Dementia or Mental Fog

Disclaimer - I am not a medical professional.


It never ceases to amaze me some of the small tidbits of information that I've somehow missed as I meander through my life.

This article describes one of those things - specifically what happened when my elderly mother suddenly started repeating herself, asking the same question repeatedly, and couldn't remember something I'd told her about within 10 seconds.

My mother lives alone and is somewhat of a recluse.  She has her pets for company but the only social interaction she manages is when one of her children drops by for a visit.

Because of this and the fact she has some health issues, I asked her to "ping" me every morning - a phonecall, a text, an email etc.

On one of those mornings last week, I called her and was surprised by her confusion about the simplest things.  I thought I'd better go over and check on her.

I arrived to find her babbling, repeating herself, and asking the same question over and over again.  

My first thought was that she'd had a stroke - but after doing some quick tests (from the internet), determined that was probably not the case.

The second thing I did was ask her about her meds.  She'd gone off one of them but upon inspecting her med-minder, I determined that all seemed to be in order.

I debated calling tele-health, but decided with the covid pandemic going on that I'd be in for a long wait.

Then I called my mothers doctor.  I described the situation and the doctor asked an interesting question.  "Has your mother had any issues with urination lately - overly frequent, cloudiness, etc.".

This seemed like a bizarre question, but in thinking back, I recalled my mother mentioning some "burning" in the past few days.

The doctor indicated that the cause could be a urinarty tract infection (UTI) and that she'd write up a script immediately, send it to the pharmacy and that I could go and pick it up in minutes - which of course I did - and immediately administered to my mother.

As it turns out, I have a smart doctor - my mother was "better" in less than an hour.  The next day she was mostly back to normal.

So if you ever notice that someone has suddenly dementia type behaviours or mental foginess and the like, it could very well be caused by (simply) a UTI.

Besides my doctor, who knew?