When Ticks Come Out In Ontario

When Ticks Come Out In Ontario

When do ticks first emerge in Ontario?

Probably the most common tick in Ontario is the black-legged tick or deer tick.  When these ticks emerge will depend on how cold the winter was and how warm the spring is.

Obviously Ontario is a large place with many different climatic areas so the timeframe will be different depending on where you are.

As such, it makes sense to use a "marker" to tell us when we need to begin to be on the watch. 

In this case, a good proxy:  once the dandelions start to emerge is when ticks seem to become active.

Ticks are of concern of course because they can spread Lyme disease.

If you are outside and especially if you visit a wooded area, you should scan yourself for ticks upon your return home.  They tend to like warm folds on the body e.g. armpits.

If you find one, you should remove it within 24 hours to minimize your risk of Lyme.  It is best to pry off the tick using a tick remover.

Not only do you need to watch out for yourself, but also your pets.  Dogs in particular are prone and should be scanned regularly.

The image at the top was taken on 1-May-2020 about 1 hour north of Toronto, Canada.