Hardy Kiwi For Sale in Canada - Arguta and Kolomikta

Hardy Kiwi For Sale in Canada - Arguta and Kolomikta

Yes kiwis can be grown in cold climates - and they do very well.  Instead of the usual kiwis from New Zealand though, the variety grown in Canada and northern (cold) climates is different.

Cold climate kiwis are of variety Arguta and Kolomikta.

They can be found for sale in Canada at the following vendors:

Wiffletree Farm and Nursury

-For Arguta: Kiwi Anna, kiwi Chang Bai, kiwi Geneva, kiwi Michigan State, kiwi Meader (male)

-For Kolomikta:  kiwi Frost, kiwi September Sun, kiwi Viktor, kiwi Arctic Beauty (male)


Nutcracker Nursery 

(Female) Kiwi Anna (A.Arguta)

(Female) Kiwi Issai (A. Arguta)

Female Kiwi Chung Bai (A.Arguta)

female Kiwi Michigan State (A. Arguta)

Female Kiwi September Sun (A. Kolomikta)

Kiwi 'Geneva' female arguta

Kiwi Actinidia kolomikta ''Artic beauty'' male

male Kiwi Meader (a. Arguta)

male Kiwi Pasha (A.Kolomikta)

Raspberry 'kiwi Gold'


Green Barn Nursery


T&T Seeds


Linden Lane Farms


Halifax Perennials


Kiwi Nurseries


Corn Hill Nursery




Meadow Acres



and you can always try kijiji.

This fruit is also called Arctic kiwi.


Note:  this is not a maintained list, but is current as at 2-Apr-2021)