Words you’ve probably never heard of

hickup truck, plowpile, and others. Words to help explain our strained world.


Hickup truck? Plowpile? Some words are used in every day life, but aren’t actually found in the dictionary. Below is a list of words and their meanings.

Hickup Truck – (noun) a large-style pickup truck usually made by Ford, GM and especially Dodge. These are sometimes but not always trucks with lift kits installed or modifications such as over-sized tires.

Hockeyhead – (noun) a hockey sports fan that always injects hockey into a conversation – whether its describing a recent or “historic” game minute by minute, irrelevant details about a particular player, or the fact that their kid might get scouted…

Plowpile – (noun) the pile of snow left at the end of your driveway when the snowplow plows the road.

Planjacker – (noun) a person who (is always) changing the plan and updating it to suit their needs.  If you suggest meeting for a coffee on Wednesday at Cafe Riche at 8 am to a friend, and they suggest how about Tuesday at 9 am at McDonalds – you are dealing with a planjacker. 

The best way to deal with planjackers is to state that you are doing something – and invite them to join you if they are available (meet up if you want to).

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